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At Floortex Design we visualize the steps needed for your project and gather insights before we even begin. Enjoy this month’s featured project story by our Flooring Expert Joe Imel.

I had a husband and wife request to update the carpet on their stairs. They knew they wanted to stick with carpet because they didn’t want their aging dog to slip. After showing them our material selection, the client picked out a luxurious wool carpet to match their equally stunning home that had a subdivision.

Now this project wasn’t as straightforward as you would think. Installing patterned stairs on a curved stairway going up would require a template. This template would need to consider the curves, length, and width, all the way down to ensure the pattern matched. I dreamt about how I would execute this project for two weeks to visualize every step and consider all things.

The job took three days to complete. I successfully created a template, installed the carpet, and finished it off with brass accents around the corners of the stairs.

“The best part was when the brass was entered in the corners and I showed it to the client and the client goes, Wow! and that’s the kind of expression I want.”

Despite hearing that this project would be “impossible” to successfully execute – I made it happen and that is something worth talking about.

Do you have a project that you feel is too tough to tackle? Our experts are here to help you make your dream floors come to life. Visit your nearest showroom to get a free flooring consultation.


Flooring Experts with High Standards, Floortex DesignFlooring Experts with High Standards, Floortex Design

Real photo was taken by proud flooring expert, Joe Imel