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About Floortex Design, Floortex Design

This is our story.

Floortex Design has been in business since 1988. But we became a family when Rudy Hassid took the helm in 2008.

“I was supposed to be a doctor” Rudy will tell you, if you ask.

Yes, a doctor. Or a lawyer or other professional working in an office. But Rudy, like the company he would one day build, was different. After graduating from college, he became a contractor, specializing in hardwood floor design, customization and installation.

And then he spent the next 20 years developing a flawless reputation in hardwood throughout the Bay Area.

In 2008, he brought all of that to bare when he purchased a single, flooring showroom in Corte Madera, called Floortex Design. Many of the craftsmen and installers he had worked alongside over the years joined him there, all anxious to work with someone who valued quality.

Before long, he transformed that simple store into a destination, boutique showroom, where designers and homeowners alike could find the finest hardwood, wool and synthetic rugs, unique collections and expert craftsmen, all in one place.

Rudy Was The First Person He Called!

If you know anything about the flooring business, you know it is a small, connected community of people, who love their work. We all know each other by name and by reputation.

So when the owner of the legendary Abbey Carpet of San Francisco (sixth one built in the United States and the only one of those original six still in business)  decided it was time to retire, he wanted to be sure his customers, his store and his employees would be taken care of.

In 2020, Floortex Design – Abbey Carpet of San Francisco became our seventh showroom.

Where business knowledge, intuitive service and craftsmanship meet!

Rudy’s showrooms succeed because he has always understood what makes the flooring and interiors business so special. It is because we get to create beautiful spaces for our customers every day. Spaces where they find comfort and connection. Where they raise their children. And where they invite the people who matter most into their lives.

And so from the beginning, Rudy treated every client and each project with the care and attention to detail they deserve.

Today, Floortex Design has eight showrooms across the Bay Area and parts of Northern California. All of them boutique-style stores, run by seasoned professionals. All handpicked by Rudy. And all offering the same end-to-end service and professionalism that he has offered since 1988.

Although, Rudy continues to run things today, none of this would be possible without our people. They are Floortex Design.

About Floortex Design, Floortex Design

The average Floortex Design consultant has 15 years experience in their specialty
(whether its flooring, window coverings, design or architecture).

We value experience, expertise and quality craftsmanship.

These are the ideas we share that make our collection of boutique stores a family:  

  • It’s an honor to be invited into our customers’ homes and into their lives
  • Our products, like our people, are a cut above the rest. Strive to be better, always
  • Don’t be afraid to do things a little differently … that’s where excellence lies
  • Make sure that everyone who contributes to our spaces is valued (from mill to machine to superb, one-of-a-kind spaces)

If you would like to experience the Floortex Design difference, please visit one of our Floortex Design showrooms or contact us today. We would love to hear from you.

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