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"When embarking on the design of your space it is always smart to start with the rug. It will anchor the space and serve as a guide in choosing the color palette and fabric choices."

Jean LaretteInterior Designer

"When floor plans are hard to visualize, use blue tape on the floors. Measure the space and outline the area of the cabinets, big pieces of furniture, or anything you are struggling with. Having the visual outline on the floors will give you a real good idea of how space is going to feel. "

Natalia AvalosPrincipal Designer

"If you want to think like an interior designer, try decorating from dark to light, vertically, in this order: floor, walls, trim, crown molding, casing, ceiling. In the end, you will have a thoughtfully cohesive design."

Judy DinkleInterior Designer & Color Consultant

"Design is like a symphony. Each piece builds upon itself and evokes the right feeling. Chose one piece that stands out and allows you to take a pause and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you."

Robert LittlejohnInterior Designer

"Consulting with a licensed design professional will assist in curating a well-thought-out design, resulting in an aesthetic that is not only visually pleasing but will positively affect your well-being and sensibilities."

Ann Roberts