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The right window treatments can help create the perfect living environment for each room in your home.

Fine Textiles, Custom Draperies & Window Coverings Beyond the Ordinary

Custom Draperies

We offer an extensive library of window coverings, hardware and the finest textiles from around the world. This diverse selection rivals those usually seen only in design centers in major metropolitan areas (such as Los Angeles and San Francisco).

Custom window covering options include:



Exclusive to Floortex Design, the St. Croix Collection is an exceptional line of custom window coverings from renowned designer Bernard St. Croix. Featuring handsewn draperies and valances, roman shades and Hunter Douglas blinds, each is uniquely designed for your space and your lifestyle.

For more than 50 years, Mr. St Croix has been leading the design, manufacture and installation of exceptional window coverings for discerning tastes. Today, he offers his personal design services to homeowners and designers alike, exclusively through Floortex Design.

Learn about our custom draperies services and The St Croix Collection.

Mini Blinds

Vacuum with a soft brush attachment, or dust with a feather duster, lambswool duster, or tool for blinds.

Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Remove vinyl vanes and immerse in water. To eliminate static electricity, coat the vanes with a thin layer of mild detergent

Wood Blinds

For blinds with painted and stained finishes, clean with spray polish or Pledge® and a soft cloth. For best results, never use water on any wood products.


Dust natural wood shutters. If painted, wash in place. Cover the floor and sill with plastic or a drop cloth. Use a brush dipped in detergent and water. Rinse and dry with a cotton cloth.

Cellular Shades

Mild detergents, spot removers, and dry cleaning may harm your cellular shades. When deep cleaning is desired, enlist an ultrasonic cleaning service to give your cellular shades a deep clean.

Fabric Window Treatments

Only a professional drapery cleaner or dry cleaner with relevant experience should clean fabric window treatments. Do not spot clean or use water, club soda, soaps, or cleansers. For regular maintenance of your fabric window treatments, use the brush attachment on your vacuum and lightly run it over the treatments. Be sure to run it up and down the folds to remove dust and particles.

Natural Shades

Occasional light vacuuming with a brush attachment will keep shades clean. Do not use water or liquid cleaners.

Sheer Vertical Blinds

Sheer fabrics are steam pressed during manufacturing, but may need to be re-steamed at a low temperature before hanging. Do not iron out the permanent pleats. Be sure to remove the fabric from the vanes before steaming. You can machine wash sheer fabrics. Use a gentle cycle with warm water and a mild detergent. Avoid chlorine bleach if possible. Hang damp fabric on the louvers and reshape them. To dry, keep the louvers in the open position.

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