Designers Corner

At Floortex Design, our interior designers work with you to help you bring your dream space to life.

"When embarking on the design of your space it is always smart to start with the rug. It will anchor the space and serve as a guide in choosing the color palette and fabric choices."

Jean LaretteInterior Designer

"When floor plans are hard to visualize, use blue tape on the floors. Measure the space and outline the area of the cabinets, big pieces of furniture, or anything you are struggling with. Having the visual outline on the floors will give you a real good idea of how space is going to feel. "

Natalia AvalosPrincipal Designer

"If you want to think like an interior designer, try decorating from dark to light, vertically, in this order: floor, walls, trim, crown molding, casing, ceiling. In the end, you will have a thoughtfully cohesive design."

Judy DinkleInterior Designer & Color Consultant

Beth Laughlin

Beth Laughlin has a track record of creating living spaces as beautiful and innovative as they are functional. With over...

Jean Larette

Jean Larette has been included in the House Beautiful list of the Top Designers in America multiple times. Her work...

Jeff Culbertson

Jeff Culbertson’s background is from UC Berkeley’s School of Environmental Design. His expertise is in architectural detailing, space planning, material...

Judy Dinkle

For more than 25 years, Judy Dinkle has been helping families, couples, and individuals to remodel and upgrade their kitchens...

Juliana Carlsen

As a designer of residential interiors, I recognize the profound significance our surroundings have on our well-being. It is my...

Natalia Avalos

Natalia has a keen eye for detail and loves textures as well as neutral colors. Natalia uses her expertise in...