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In July 2023, Colfax Elementary School needed to update the floors in 13 of its classrooms before students returned on August 16. The new flooring would cover 10,000 square feet and would need to be durable enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic, while blending with the existing color scheme. It would also need to meet the school’s tight budget constraints — it’s very tight deadline.

The school chose Floortex Design Abbey Floors of Auburn because of its wide selection of affordable products and its reputation for high quality craftsmanship and expert project management.

BACKGROUND: More about Colfax Elementary School 

Surrounded by pine trees and sloping hillsides, Colfax Elementary sits 50 miles east of Sacramento, where the Sierra Mountains begin their steady rise. The school opened in 1987, and children have been learning their fundamentals and traipsing the hallways and classrooms ever since. In the 36 years since opening, foot traffic, spills and more had taken their toll on the school’s laminate-tile floors. Tiles were worn, torn and bubbled. And gaps appeared between floor and baseboards.


Colfax Elementary School Flooring Project

Colfax Elementary School Flooring Project Challenges

Uneven subfloor: After removing the old flooring, the installation team discovered that the concrete subfloor had not been prepped correctly during the previous install. As a result, bumps and bubbles had appeared soon after installation, and then holes and tears had followed.

Short Timeline: The project was approved by the school board on  the last day of June. With children due to return to classrooms on Aug 16, the project would need to move very quickly. Rooms had to be measured; materials selected, ordered and delivered. And the project would have to be completed within two weeks — from demolition, to prep, to installation. There was no room for error.

Tight Budget: Like all school budgets, Colfax elementary’s was tight. Budgeting for new floors was one thing, but repainting or replacing walls, cabinets, window frames, etc. to match the new floors was out of the question. The new flooring would need to be affordable, and it would need coordinate with the existing interior colors. 




Hardy Products: Floortex Design consultant recommended a  durable, commercial-grade, waterproof luxury vinyl plank from Matrexx Floor with oak woodgrain design. A product that would stand of to heavy foot traffic and spills, alike.

An Up-Close Look at Quality

A snug fit, with no gaps between floor,
wall and baseboard – even around corners


To compliment the LVP, we selected a durable, tight-loop carpet to add comfort and warmth to areas where children would sit and play. This water-resistant carpet features:

  • Color and texture variation that blends well with the existing color scheme
  • Tight-loop, synthetic pile makes it durable and easy to clean
  • Varied color and texture hides dirt and spills well

The carpet was finished off with a coordinating transition strip that is both sturdy and stylish.

Preventing Early Wear: To prevent the bubbling and early wear caused by the previous faulty subfloor preparation, FD installers removed both the old flooring AND all the old underlayment. Uneven spots were filled to ensure a smooth-as-glass base to lay the new floors on. Installers also took special care to cut in the flooring to nest perfectly against the wall and snug tightly under baseboards.

On Time and On Budget: Thanks to the skill and experience of our dedicated project manager, the project was completed a full week before students arrived — and exactly to budget:

  • Products were selected, ordered and delivered within two weeks
  • 10,000 square feet of old, damaged flooring removed and disposed of
  • Subfloors in all 13 classrooms were levelled and prepped for installation
  • 10,000 square feet of LVP and rug tile was installed
  • Installation was completed in just 10 days – from tear out to finish

On August 16, students were welcomed back to classrooms with beautiful new floors.  

Colfax Elementary School Flooring Finished

Colfax Elementary School’s new floors ready for 2023 school year.