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No two projects are the same. At Floortex Design we find the best flooring to fit your lifestyle. Enjoy this month’s featured project story by our Flooring Expert Sarkis Agababyan.

Deciding on the best new flooring to cope with wet feet from the pool, playful dogs, and grandchildren running around is no easy task. This couple thought that hardwood floors would do the trick and so their journey started. After many months of researching, they decided to visit Floortex Design in Rancho Cordova.

When Sarkis met with the couple he noticed they seemed a bit overwhelmed with all the choices. Visiting a showroom can sometimes complicate decisions because you can see so many options and possibilities. 

Initially, when the couple came in, they were looking for hardwood flooring because that’s what they had enjoyed for many years and they were content with the idea of wood again. However, after sharing with Sarkis all their particular needs and lifestyle, it became clear that a high-quality luxury vinyl plank would be the best choice. Their pool was located near their dining room right by the sliding doors. They also had energetic dogs and even more energetic grandchildren. Hardwood flooring would be difficult to maintain with wet paws and wet feet and active foot traffic. 

We narrowed it down to a few samples of luxury vinyl planks to take home and see in the lighting of their home against painted walls, furniture, and rugs. After the normal back-and-forth discussion between the husband and wife, with some intervention by Sarkis, they ended up picking something they both liked and agreed on- a low-maintenance, high-quality waterproof plank, a GAIA Black Series to be exact. 


No Two Projects Are The Same, Floortex DesignNo Two Projects Are The Same, Floortex DesignNo Two Projects Are The Same, Floortex Design

The job turned out beautifully, everyone was very happy including their neighbors down the street who also installed new flooring after hearing about the Floortex Design experience!

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