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When my husband and I bought our house in March, 2021 we couldn't wait to update it. Mike and Lisa from Auburn made the process so easy and fun. They knew I had a budget to stick with and I wanted the best of the best product for the price we could afford. We have been so incredibly pleased with our LVP Gaia, Grey Fox from Floortex Design because it's been durable, it was affordable, and is absolutely beautiful. The first thing my friends and family said when they saw it for the first time was to give me all the details, I'm in love. The color is absolutely stunning and we couldn't be any more happier. The best part of our experience with Floortex Design was how easy the process was from start to finish. The installers Nikko and his crew are so friendly, hardworking, and went over and beyond which made us so happy and pleased with a no stress process. To be honest they felt like family and once they left I was a little bummed to see them go. Lisa and Mike, thanks for helping us make the best decision for our dream home. 5 stars for the product, company, and customer service. Thank you Floortex Design!

Melissa CutterJuly 16, 2021