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Student artists in Santa Rosa and Auburn have earned $2700 in scholarships and gifts from Floortex Design this month. The teens submitted original artwork to the Floortex Design Annual Artists Scholarship, designed to encourage young artists in our local community to pursue their dreams through art.

This year, two high schools were selected — Santa Rosa High and Placer High (in Auburn). Each with its own contest and it’s own theme.

From Santa Rosa High School, first-place winner Tessa Anthony, 17, received $1,000 for her acrylic filled with vibrant colors and whimsical perspective of the theme Inspiration Underfoot. A second-place prize of $250 was awarded to sophomore Siena Katzung. The third winner, Eva Trujillo (18) was awarded a gift card to Rileystreet Art Supply, a local art supplies store.

Floortex Design Artists Scholarship Winners

Floortex Design Artists Scholarship Winners – Santa Rosa High

And at Placer High School, where the theme was Textures of Home, first prize went to Jack Griffits for his graphite pencil drawing of a rustic home interior. Isabella Sena, a junior, was awarded the $250 second place prize for her pencil drawing of her dream home. Third place went to Ashlyn Rand for her soft and beautiful kitchen scene, painted in gouache.

Floortex Design Artists Scholarship Winners 2

Floortex Design Artists Scholarship Winners – Aurburn

Santa Rosa High School Winners

Brightly colored painting of feet in the water with fish. Lots of blues contrasted with oranges.

1st Place: Tessa Anthony

I knew I wanted to paint something, and I wanted it to be big!

I wanted it to look out of place in the traditional home, a centerpiece for the room that draws your attention immediately.

I specifically used vibrant colors to make it seem dream-like or otherworldly. And the fish I modeled after the fish in Ponyo, the Studio Ghibli production.

I wanted the viewer to feel the whimsy I felt while making it.

Painting of a red staircase with two business men.

2nd Place: Siena Katzung

When painting, I focused on calming colors and smooth textures that I associate with peaceful spaces.

I tried to create a calm energy in my painting, which the businessman on the left is feeling. On the other hand, the businessman on the right looks to be rushing.

I added this variety to show that it is not always your surroundings that dictate your mood, but it is also your attitude toward your situation.





Painting of a child in a blanket fort.3rd Place: Eva Trujillo

When creating this piece, I looked around my house to get inspiration; I examined how the different floors in each room made me feel. I found that I really loved the hardwood flooring in my kitchen.

It felt cozy and brought back memories of when I used to make blanket forts on when i was a little kid.

I wanted this piece to reflect the warmth and utter joy of a kid sitting on the wooden floor, hidden away from the rest of the world in their blanket fort, and drawing whatever comes to mind.




See the Artwork in Person 

The winning artwork for all three of these students will be on display at the Santa Rosa Showroom until January 2024. To view their artwork, come visit us anytime at 3780 Santa Rosa Ave.

Placer High School Winners 

Placer High students were given the theme Textures of Home but followed the same guidelines. See the winners and the beautiful work below.

Students Earn $2700 in Art Scholarships from Floortex Design, Floortex Design1st Place: Jack Griffitts

I usually draw landscape pieces, so when I was told about this competition, I was hesitant about how I would be able to create my ideal textures of the home.

The materials I used to create this piece were some 6H, 2H, B, and 4B graphite pencils, a kneadable eraser, and a Mono zero eraser on some white drawing paper.

I plan to go to BYU after high school, where I hope to earn a degree in engineering.

2nd Place: Issabella Sena Students Earn $2700 in Art Scholarships from Floortex Design, Floortex Design

My art piece is an image of my dream home drawn completely with graphite pencils.

Whenever I look at it I imagine an elegant dining room with high ceilings, and hallways with beautiful art hanging on the walls. It may not be an image of a room’s interior, but it inspires the viewer to a home with an elegant, and luxurious interior.




Watercolor painting of a pink kitchen3rd Place: Ashlyn Rand

The piece that I decided to create was based on the vacation I took in early October. Every cabinet or drawer that you opened, you were met with a pink surprise, and I couldn’t help but feel like a little girl again.



To create this piece, I used Holbein Artists’ Gouache. I chose to use gouache, a mixture of acrylic and watercolor, to match the softness of the kitchen. By mixing the gouache with water, I was able to soften the edges of the kitchen and make it appear inviting.

See the Artwork in Person 

The winning artwork for all three of these students will be on display at the Auburn Showroom until January 2024. To view their artwork, come visit us anytime at 1775 Grass Valley Hwy.