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We’ve been listening to our customers, and they told us they want more rugs!

So we have added brand new, curated rug collections to both our San Rafael and Santa Rosa showrooms. The collections include both natural fibers and synthetic weaves – in a wide range of designs – from classic, all-wool Berbers, Trellis and Herringbone patterns, to the latest trends in color and contemporary styles.

Each rug was hand-selected by our soft surface experts, Mary Liepert  and Emily Balter, and all pieces can be customized to the shape, size and edge-finish to suit your tastes and your home.

Rug Collections Hand-Curated

How to Customize Your Rug with the Trim that Suits Your Style

All of our rugs can be customized by our in-house rugmakers with the finish style and the fiber you choose:

  • Fringing
  • Binding
  • Hand Serging
  • Machine Serging
Caesar Pena, Head Rugmaker at Floortex Design

Caesar Pena, Head Rugmaker at Floortex Design


Binding completely covers the edge of the rug with a smooth surface, often made of a sturdy fabric. Binding can be minimalist and nearly blend into the rug, or it can have color and dimension as part of the rug’s design.


With serging, the edges of the rug appear wrapped with coils of yarn or rope. This creates a hand-sewn and rustic appearance for people who like a more natural or handcrafted aesthetic. Be aware that serging can begin to fray over time.


As the name implies, fringing means the ends of the rug are decorated with loose or tied-off threads to create a fringe effect. This is a popular and versatile finish. In handmade rugs, fringes may be extensions of the rug itself—simply extending the threads the rug is woven with. In machine-made rugs, fringes are added later. In either case, this particular finish is the most delicate of all options. They can be frayed by foot traffic, or caught in the vacuum, and more. Choose this binding carefully.

Our rug collections are so new you won’t find them online anywhere. So come visit us today to see the latest in area rugs.

Come visit us today!