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Santa Rosa, California, April 17th, 2023: Santa Rosa High School students Georgette Cheriff and Brigitte Blodgett were awarded college and art school scholarships from a local company, Floortex Design of Santa Rosa. First-place winner, Georgette Cheriff (15 years old), received $1,000 for her diorama, titled “Textures of Home.” A surprise runner-up prize of $250 was awarded to 17-year-old Brigitte Blodgett. 

Santa Rosa High Art Students Awarded $1250 in Scholarships, Floortex Design 

“Normally, there would be one annual scholarship winner,” said Rudy Hassid, principal owner of Floortex Design. “But this year, both these young people deserved the award. We are honored to help encourage this next generation of artists.”

 Georgette, a sophomore at SR High, plans to attend a four-year art college and will use the scholarship toward that goal. 

Brigitte’s goals are more immediate. “I will be attending CSSSA this summer,” she says, “and this scholarship will help a lot with the funding.” The California State Summer School for the Arts is a rigorous, preprofessional, month-long training program in the visual and performing arts, creative writing, animation, and film for talented artists of high school age. Brigitte is a junior at SR High. 

“I am very proud that our company has decided to honor these kids,” said Emily Balter, Store Manager at Floortex Design. “I encourage them both to keep being creative in their lives and futures.”

Santa Rosa High Art Students Awarded $1250 in Scholarships, Floortex Design

Both artists’ work will be displayed in the Floortex Design showroom in Santa Rosa until mid-May 2023.

Students enrolled at Santa Rosa High School or in the Santa Rosa Art Quest Program are encouraged to apply next year for the 2024 Scholarship.