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A couple came in with a kitchen remodel project and needed hardwood floors to match their existing flooring.

Because they were changing the footprint of their kitchen they were going to have to change out the flooring as well. The flooring in the kitchen ran into both the Family Room and the Living Room. They have been living in their home for over 30 years and picked out their hardwood floor almost 10 years ago. They loved their floor and did not want to change it out as well as having to pay the expense of redoing all the flooring just to accommodate the change in the kitchen.

So they took a sample of their flooring and went to several flooring stores trying to match their existing flooring to a new floor. After going to over 5 showrooms they were ready to give up on finding the perfect flooring. They loved their existing flooring and were very disheartened at the thought of giving it up. My designer friend, who was working with them on their Kitchen, told them they should try our showroom before they gave up hope.

So they brought their sample to our Danville showroom which was a bit of a trip from their home in a last-ditch effort to find a matching hardwood. After some searching, they were very excited that we had found almost the exact style, and color of their existing hardwood. We had them take the sample home and scheduled a free in-home estimate to measure and work with them on the flooring sample.

When I arrived at their home for the measure we were all excited that the sample looked as good in the house as it did in the showroom. How lucky they were as this rarely happens. Now for this to work the new floor would have to seamlessly interconnect with the existing floor so it looked like it was part of the original installation.

They had some leftover planks from the original installation, and we took one of those planks and tried to connect it to the new sample. Well to our amazement they connected perfectly. The texture, grain, color, and design were almost the same.

Measurements were taken, the estimated price was within their budget, and we installed their flooring within a couple of weeks.

The couple could not have been happier. They had all but given up on finding a matching floor and were ready to spend almost triple the cost to do all-new hardwood. In the end, they got the floor they loved, and at a price, they wanted to pay.

There is nothing more satisfying in this business than helping our customers get exactly what they want.


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