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Our expert craftsmen were fast at work last week transforming a home that rests on the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe. The job was completed in just one week – from tear-out to pristine new hardwood floors. Beautiful!


More about the Lake Tahoe Transformation

Fireplace_2 Lake Tahoe Home TransformationFor years, the home had light, loop carpet throughout the living room and dining area. It was showing it’s age with wear patterns in the traffic areas and fading color. So when it was time to replace it, the homeowner was looking for something that would stand up to wet feet, pine needles and earth tracked in on shoes. They also wanted to highlight the natural wood accents of their windows and interior trim.


Hardwood to Highlight the Home’s Interior Accents 

We chose a stunning wide-plank, engineered hardwood from Monarch Plank to match the home’s accents and the rustic feel of Tahoe. When choosing wide plank designs for your floors, engineered hardwood is always a good choice. Wide plank is highly sought-after today, and engineered hardwood is quite literally constructed for stability. The wood’s cross-hatch inner structure stands up to foot traffic, wet feet and grit alike, without warping or cupping. And it is beautiful!


Great work!


Lake Tahoe Home Transformation in Less than a Week, Floortex Design