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Deciding to get a new carpet sounds like a great idea at first thought. But really the whole idea of actually doing it is overwhelming. Every time my husband and I would talk about getting a new carpet we would get stuck on choosing the color, and pattern, and don’t forget the choices in padding and on and on. So we lived with our old, tired, carpet for way too long.

Then I met Rudy and Mary with Floortex Design. It started with a conversation about my options, then a visit to my home for measurements. The whole time my home was getting measured Rudy was talking about the best options and asking questions about our lifestyle; do we have dogs or small kids? I could tell he had a good sense of our style and what type of fabric would make sense. I also had another challenge for Floortex - I wanted the carpet installed in an expedited time frame. Two days later we visited the San Rafael location and met with Mary. She pulled out three, that’s right three different options to not overwhelm me with the problem of too many choices - and I immediately saw the one I wanted. It was in stock. It was the perfect color and fabric. And they could install it a week later.

If I had known it would be this easy we would have enjoyed redoing our carpet years ago. There is nothing better in home improvement than working with experts who also care about you. Mary checked in several times throughout the process and followed up after the crew was done.

I love my new carpet!
Novato, Ca

RoxanneOctober 20th, 2021