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Choosing Rugs Versus Carpets - Floortex Design

The truth is there is no one-size-fits all solution when it comes to soft surface flooring. So how do you decide?

Wall to wall is most often about comfort. There are few things more soothing and luxurious than deep, rich carpet under your feet. That is why it is usually the first choice in family rooms and children’s rooms. Whereas, if you have 100-year-old hand-hewn hardwood in those rooms, an area rug with a rustic hand finish can be used as an accent to the wood, and to protect it without concealing its beauty.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Because wall-to-wall is a more permanent floor than a rug, we recommend colors and designs that will last. But they do not have to be boring. You can create variety and depth by using simple patterns and texture. Texture also hides stains well. For very high traffic areas, consider a tight pile. There is a carpet for nearly every situation.

Carpet Types - Floortex Design

Area Rugs

Rugs both break up and tie together living spaces. In a large living room, an area rug can be used to create a smaller, more intimate space in front of the fireplace. In a dining room or office, a rug can draw together the space and add warmth.

Advantages of Area Rugs:

  • Visual accent
  • Enables layering of colors and patterns
  • Visual warmth
  • Protects hard surface floors from shoes, pet claws, chair legs, wheels
  • Easily movable and interchangeable

Spa Broadloom Choosing Rugs Versus Carpets

While rugs are most commonly placed over a hard surface, designers are increasingly layering rugs over carpet to create unique visuals and textures. And because rugs can be so distinctive, homeowners often begin with an eye-catching rug they love and design the rest of the room around it.

The only rule is – choose what you like!

To learn more about how to choose carpet or an area rug that’s right for you, download our free Guide to Soft Surface Flooring.